First 300 gigs, on the way to America

picture-3The main reason for this post is to let anyone know who is bothering to read this blog that the first 300 gigs of our film are on their way to Columbia, SC to be backed up. It’s nice to take a break from tracking cotton to tracking the film as it makes its way to the other side of the world.

Li Zhen and I have been working pretty hard for the past two weeks. We’ve had several really great shoots that I have yet to blog about, and we are continuing to work on translations from Chinese to English. We’re both worried about a number of things, too:  that this film is too big; that it’s trying to do too much; and that there are too many characters. We are also worried about our struggle to document the complexities of the global marketplace.  People are very reluctant to speak about things in this business that are considered difficult– such as the struggle to stay in business while continuing to meet production demands. Production costs continue to go up, while prices offered by companies for the production of goods continues to fall.  Nobody is really willing to discuss this. I want to give an accurate picture of the global marketplace and I also want people to feel good about the way they are represented. It’s an ongoing challenge.

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